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Breast Augmentation by Dr John Flynn

For many women considering breast augmentation, the biggest concern is  “I want to look natural” or “I don’t want to be too big or too obvious”. Dr Flynn strives to achieve an end result as natural looking as possible while still giving an enhanced bust line.

As every woman’s physiology and presenting conditions are different, a skilled surgeon will choose from a range of procedural options to suit the patient and her desired outcome. At Cosmedic & Skin Clinic, breast augmentation surgery is customised based on each patients unique requirements and desired result.

Also known as:Breast implants, breast enlargement, breast enhancement, breast surgery, silicone implants, boob implants, boob job, breasts implants augmentation
Desired results:Patients desire breast implants to improve the size, shape and symmetry of their breasts.
Patients visit us from:Many patients travel to our Gold Coast clinic from all over Australia. However, we majority of Breast augmentation patient from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area.

Breast augmentation procedure

The breast augmentation procedure involves the surgical placement of an implant in each breast to push the breast tissue forward. The procedure usually takes about 1—2 hours. An antibiotic is given to even further reduce the possibility of capsular contraction, which may be associated with infection.

Breast implant placement

The correct placement of the implant is fundamental to achieving optimal results, says Dr Flynn. There are generally three placement options:

Sub-pectoral (under the muscle)

With sub-pectoral placement, the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle to disguise its shape. This is particularly suited to patients who are thin and do not have a lot of breast tissue. Placing implants behind the pectoral muscle can also achieve a more natural-looking line to the breasts and can be ideal for patients who have loose skin to fill out more of the space. Some data suggest that subpectoral implants lead to a lower risk of capsular contracture formation. The pectoral muscle, however, can flatten implants, making them look smaller, feel tight or restrict mobility.

Sub-glandular (in front of the muscle)

This placement can help improve the shape and position of the breasts following breast augmentation. This is particularly important in women with mildly sagging breasts or tight, constricted breasts. Post-operative pain is considered to be less. However, sub-glandular placement has less natural tissue covering implants so the implant edges may become obvious.


A third placement option is sub-fascial. The fascia is a firm, fibrous layer that sits between the breast and the muscle. If implants are placed under the fascial layer in front of the pectoral muscle, more of the patient’s breast tissue can cover them, which helps to disguise the implants more effectively.

Breast implants and lift

In some cases augmentation surgery is accompanied by a mastopexy, or breast lift, which involves more scarring but may be needed to ensure an optimal outcome in patients with sagging breasts.

How safe is breast augmentation surgery?

As with any surgical procedure there are risks, limitations and potential complications. However, with the guidance and surgical expertise of a highly qualified and experience surgeon, breast augmentation is a relatively safe procedure.