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How long does it take to heal?

Generally, healing takes around 4 – 6 days. This time will depend on the area treated and may vary. Some swelling and tenderness may occur but will resolve in 24 hours.

Is cosmetic tattooing painful?

A topical anaesthetic is used to alleviate any discomfort you might feel during the treatment.

How long doe cosmetic tattoos last?

Often referred to as semi-permanent makeup, treatment typically lasts between 2—7 years.

Wake up beautiful with cosmetic tattooing

What is a cosmetic tattoo?

Cosmetic tattooing, also called micro-pigmentation, is a popular cosmetic treatment involving the controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. Cosmetic tattooing instantly improves appearance, facial definition and in most instances has a long lasting effect.

Danielle Scott Cosmetic Tattoo

Danielle is our on-site cosmetic tattooist offering clients natural-looking, semi-permanent makeup results. She can create uplifting brows that give the impression of a brow lift or enhance brows that are missing a few hairs, eyeliner that never smudges and renewed lip definition. She also offers 3D nipple and areola replacement for mastectomy patients.

Danielle is renowned for her gentle approach and undeniable passion for her work. Her knowledge, skill and in-depth understanding of colour theory puts her at the forefront of her field.

Semi-permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattooing is considered a semi-permanent treatment and will begin to fade after several years. Contributing factors that can cause fading, include:

  • Exposure to sun
  • Skin type
  • Skin care and products
  • Medications
  • Natural skin exfoliation

Are cosmetic tattoos safe?

Our in-house cosmetic tattooist, Danielle, only uses approved pigments and follows strict health and safety regulations.

How much does cosmetic tattooing cost?

To find out more about cosmetic tattooing pricing and details please contact us on (07)5588 4777 or visit Danielle’s website.

Cosmetic Tattooing Gold Coast

For more information about cosmetic tattooing at our Gold Coast practice or to book a consultation with Danielle, please contact us or visit Danielle’s website