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What does it involve?

The process begins with a consultation where we discuss your needs and decide on the ideal vitamin infusion cocktail for you. There are a number of different options to choose from ranging through energy boosts, immune boosts to a hangover recovery boost and even skin brightening boosts. Whatever your desired outcome, we will craft a combination for you.

A qualified nurse will administer the IV which most patients are surprised to find is not nearly as painful as they expected and the 15 – 30 minute long infusion can begin.

Our reputable facility offers only the highest quality product administered by staff with extensive experience in treating patients. We ensure that the atmosphere is conducive to feeling relaxed and refreshed after receiving your treatment, because after all it is a therapy to help you feel better

Are there any side effects?

Incredibly there are little to no side effects from receiving a vitamin infusion! Some patients have reported a light headache which is simply the body getting rid of toxins. There can be minor bruising from where the needle was inserted, but that is it. Everything else that patients report is positive. Improved sleep, better energy, brighter skin; it simply is a winning therapy.


What about a B12 shot?

A vitamin B12 shot is an injectable that contains very particular ingredients to help boost your immune system while reducing anxiety and assisting your lifestyle but can unfortunately only be administered in limited doses.

The IV method allows us to administer a much higher dose because of the body’s ability to process it intravenously.

How much higher you ask? Well just one vitamin infusion is equal to roughly four to six injections which also only have a 60% absorption rate. The IV drip has a 100% absorption rate meaning that your body takes in everything into the bloodstream, meaning that you will feel the effects immediately.

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