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Fat Transfer Before and Afters

What is fat transfer?

Fat transfer is an effective method for lip augmentation and some depressed scars. Fat transfer may also be used to correct the ageing on the back of the hands. This can plump up the skin and help to soften the appearance of veins and tendons.

Is fat transfer safe?

Fat transfer to the face is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure. Since fat transfer uses your own body cells, you can never have an allergic reaction.

How is the fat transfer performed?

Both the areas from which the fat is taken and the treatment site are anaethetised with local anaesthetic. Using a small needle attached to a syringe, fat is removed from the donor site where your fat is most tightly packed, such as abdomen or buttocks.

Once removed, your fat is processed to remove excess fluids and then re-injected using another needle, which is placed just under your skin beneath the wrinkle. This process will be repeated until the desired correction has been achieved.

Harvesting fat cells is often performed in conjuction with other procedures. When fat is harvested, it is often possible for the surgeon to harvest a larger amount, then freeze and store your fat for future injections when they become necessary.

Benefits of fat transfer:

  • Facial fat transfer can last up to 3-4 years
  • Fat transfer is a cost effective procedure
  • There is no chance of allergic reaction

What can I expect after my fat transfer?​

Up to 65% of the transferred fat may be absorbed by your body over the first few months. The remaining 35% will usually stay in place for years. You may require a "top-up" within the following months.

Fat transfer recovery

This procedure can be done under a local anaesthetic or twilight sedation. Some swelling of the treatment site may last up to 36 hours. There may be some bruising, which is able to be covered with make-up.

Fat transfer procedure cost

The cost for fat transfer starts from $4325. This procedure cost may vary based on the individual treatment plan and desired outcome. A consultation with Dr Flynn will be the first step to assess your concerns and provide a precise cost.

Fat Transfer on the Gold Coast

For more information about fat transfer at our Gold Coast practice or to book a consultation, please contact us.


As the name states, a fat transfer involves the harvesting of living fat cells from parts of the body including the buttocks and thigh by a liposuction procedure and transferring them into another region for example face and breasts.