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Face Lift Procedure

Improves sagging facial skin, jowls and loose neck skin by removing excess fat, tightening muscles and re-draping skin. Often performed for men and women over 40.

Face Lift Procedure Time

The surgery takes an average of two to three hours and can be performed using either a local or general anaesthetic. Surgery time varies and is dependent upon the individual requirements.

Face Lift Side Effects

Some swelling and bruising can be expected and normally subsides within several weeks. Sutures are usually removed within approximately one week after surgery.

Face Lift Risks

Injury to the nerves that control facial muscles or feeling (usually temporary). Infection, bleeding. Poor healing; scarring. Asymmetry or change in hairline.

Face Lift Recovery

Back to work: 10—14 days. More strenuous activity: 2 weeks or more. Bruising; 2—3 weeks. Must limit exposure to sun for several months.


Although a facelift can last for many years, patients continue to age. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how long it might be before an individual would consider a second lift.

Facelift Before and Afters

What is a facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to lift sagging and undefined facial features to reveal a refreshed appearance. The procedure is customised to suit your individual needs and surgical desires. Patients have many different motivations for wanting a facelift, but the desired results are generally reversing the ageing process.

Dr John Flynn performs his advanced facial surgery to:

  • Reduce facial fat and skin
  • Smooth deep lines, wrinkles and folds
  • Improve sagging skin in the cheeks
  • Well-defined jawline and neck
  • Restore a more youthful, refreshed look
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Patients visit us from: Most of our patients are from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs. Many patients also travel from all over Australia for Dr John Flynn’s surgical expertise and skill.

Types of facelift surgery

At Cosmedic & Skin Clinic, we understand age-related changes can make people feel as if their identity has changed over time. These changes can occur in the upper, mid and lower portions of the face due to the downward descent of facial fat and skin.

Facelift techniques

Dr John Flynn can help improve common age concerns with a variety of facial lift techniques. It is important to get the right technique for your particular features. The most important thing is to have you look refreshed, not overdone or exaggerated. Dr Flynn can help both men and women restore a firmer, more youthful appearance. We also offer a range of special, minimally invasive lifts for the brow areas and neck tightening.

Who is a candidate for facelift surgery?

Both men and women of various ages request facelift surgery. A suitable candidate for this procedure has experienced a loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone around the face and neck region. If you have developed facial and neck wrinkles, you may also benefit from a facelift.

As a result of advancements in the technique, it is not uncommon for patients to request facelift surgery into the ages of 70 and above.

Facelift surgery cost

Facelift surgery cost will be strongly dependent on your unique requirements and the surgical techniques used. At Cosmedic & Skin Clinic, a facelift starts from $8560. There are additional fees such as Anaethetist and Theatre.

How does a facelift work — Dr John Flynn

Facelift surgery procedure

During your facelift procedure, Dr John Flynn will mark the pre-determined incision lines. The surgical incisions usually begin in the hair near the temple and continue in front of the ear, around the ear lobe, behind the ear and into the hair. This placement makes the scars inconspicuous. The muscles and sagging tissue are tightened, excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is repositioned to create a more youthful look. If there is a double chin, sub mental lipectomy may be performed. A small incision is usually made under the chin so liposculpture can remove the fat. Sometimes we do need some surgical tightening of the neck muscles.

A combination approach

The facelift procedure "lifts" the face and neck in a single operation. A "double chin" can be improved at the same time by a surgical procedure called sub mental lipectomy. Additional procedures, such as forehead lifting or eyelid surgery, can be performed at the same time to achieve a more complete facial rejuvenation.

How will I look after facelift surgery?

Some swelling and bruising can be expected. This will normally subside within several weeks. Sutures are usually removed within approximately 1 week after surgery.

There may be some discomfort after the operation. This is easily controlled by medications prescribed by Dr Flynn. Patients generally feel a sense of tightness and numbness that should gradually return to normal within several weeks.

After recovery, patients can expect a more rested and youthful appearance. Although a facelift can last for many years, patients continue to age. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how long it might be before an individual would consider a second lift.

Facelift surgery risks and complications

Bleeding is the most common complication after facelift surgery. It can almost always be treated without interfering with the final result. Occasionally, scars may have to be revised. There are risks in any surgical procedure. The degree of improvement varies with each patient. During your initial consultation, Dr Flynn will discuss all the benefits and risks with you.

Facelift Cosmetic Surgery on the Gold Coast

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Facelift FAQS


Too much. Clearly his surgery changed his appearance hugely. To the point that he was hardly recognisable in comparison to his natural appearance. Such exaggeration is not the purpose of facelift surgery. A facelift should give a subtle, relaxed, refreshed look without exaggeration. You still need to look like “you”. Just a more refreshed version.


There will always be some scars after a facelift. However, they should be very inconspicuous and placed in natural skin creases or disguised in the hairline. You can never say there are “no scars” or that there are “invisible scars”. They should be well disguised and inconspicuous.


I would expect that they would notice that you ‘look good’ or that you seem ‘relaxed’. People might think that you have just had a good holiday. After all, what we are trying to achieve is that you still look like yourself, you are recognisable as yourself but just a more refreshed or relaxed version.


A look in the mirror will tell you whether you need something done. You can make that decision yourself. Most people will focus on the jawline, heaviness of cheeks or their neck. All of these areas can be addressed with either a limited face lift or a face and neck combination which is the most common.


Depending on the exact technique used, this could be between 3—5 hours. This is day surgery and general anaesthetic is the best option. Preferences will be discussed with Dr Flynn during your consultation.


All facelifts target the lower face and jawline. Sometimes patients might also have additional surgery for the neck, brow or even eyelids.



A mid face lift is targeted more towards the area under the lower eyelids.