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Studies have shown 30 – 70% improvement in skin tightening over liposuction alone.

Liposuction and BodyTite

Liposuction is becoming more and more popular for patient’s who want to remove excess fat impervious to diet and exercise. Although liposuction can effectively improve body shape and define contours, it cannot treat skin elasticity, texture and tone.

BodyTite is designed to be used in conjunction with liposuction to help achieve the desired skin tightening results. This combination procedure can help restore balance, by permanently removing persistent fat from trouble-spots, whilst also improving skin tone, texture and tightness.

Also known as:

Tightening skin, Bodytite, Tighten up skin.

What is BodyTite skin tightening?

BodyTite is a sophisticated device using radiofrequency assisted liposuction technology to effectively improve body contour and skin contraction.

The science behind BodyTite works to create heat in the skin and increase collagen production.

This in turn, improves skin elasticity and tightness.

Skin tightening procedure

Radiofrequency is a type of energy current which causes heat. BODYTITE system incorporates the radiofrequency elements with a liposuction instrument. This allows the radiofrequency to pass directly through the skin to maximise the efficiency of skin retraction.


Skin tightening results

The results are not noticeable straightaway. Skin tightening takes many weeks to develop and show the best result. An additional benefit is a reduction in bruising with the liposuction portion. Even though it is the skin tightening which is the key feature of BodyTite, this is also a very efficient liposuction system. The radiofrequency element acts to melt the fat during the procedure. In turn, this technology streamlines the procedure and results.

Skin tightening complications

Patients have all of the same risks of liposuction; swelling, bruising, loose skin, unevenness, scars, infection, temporary changes in skin sensation. Although uncommon, there is a risk of thermal injuries. With system safeguards that regulate skin temperature and impedance levels, this risk is significantly decreased.

Cost of skin tightening

As this procedure is tailored to each patient, the cost for may vary. A consultation with Dr John Flynn will allow him to discuss your concerns, assess the problem area and provide an exact cost.

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening on the Gold Coast

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