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Improve body shape by permanently removing exercise resistant fat deposits with a tube and vacuum device. Can be performed on most parts of the body.


The procedure typically requires 1–2 hours or more however, each patient has varying circumstances therefore, the duration may vary.


Although an overwhelming majority are performed on an outpatient basis, some extensive Liposuction procedures may require a brief hospital stay.

Side Effects

Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, soreness, burning sensation. Temporary fluid drainage from incision sites.


Asymmetry. Rippling or bagginess of skin. Pigmentation changes. Skin injury. Fluid retention. Excessive fluid loss leading to shock. Infection.


Back to work 1— 2 weeks. More strenuous activity: 2—4 weeks. Full recovery from swelling and bruising: 1—5 months or more.

The modern approach to liposuction involves tailoring the procedure to each patient’s individual requirements and goals.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction may be used to improve your overall body appearance by reducing and re-contouring localised collections of fat. Liposuction can address collections of fat on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, as well as the arms, neck and under the chin.

The aim of liposuction is to decrease the bulk of fat in a specific area, but not to remove all the fat. Fat is an important tissue, which helps to maintain skin shape and firmness. Removing too much fat can therefore cause loose skin and surface irregularities.

Liposuction can be performed alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift or chin augmentation to achieve the desired result.

Also known as:Liposuction, liposculpture, lipoplasty, suction lipectomy
Desired results:Patients undergo liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits that don't respond to dieting and exercise
Patients visit us from:Patients travel from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs for liposuction performed by Dr John Flynn.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

The best candidates for liposuction are healthy men and women with good skin elasticity and realistic expectations. "Realistic" means that improvement, not always perfection, is the goal. The fatty bulges should be localised to a few areas and the individual should be near their ideal body weight.

It is natural for women, in particular, to accumulate fatty deposits on the hips, buttocks and abdomen; and fat in men tends to accumulate around the mid-section. Some men experience gynecomastia, or enlarged breasts.

Liposuction and weight loss

Liposuction is neither a substitute for weight reduction nor a cure for obesity or cellulite. It is not meant to replace good eating and exercise habits, or to counter obesity. Instead, liposuction helps to remove unwanted fatty deposits in many areas of the body.


How is liposuction performed?

Either local or general anaesthesia may be advised, depending on the extent of the procedure. A cannula attached to a high-powered suction pump is inserted through a small incision. Dr Flynn moves the cannula in a specific pattern through the fat layer to break up fatty deposits, which are then vacuumed out.

The overlying skin remains attached to the connective tissue and underlying muscles of the skin during the operation. A thin blanket of fat is left under the skin to help prevent rippling or bumpy skin occurring after the liposuction is over.

A pressure garment is usually worn for 6 weeks post-operatively in order to decrease bruising and swelling and to encourage the skin to contract to the new shape.

Liposuction recovery

Returning to your normal activities is an individual matter. Dr Flynn will advise you on your schedule, but most activities may be resumed within a few weeks. Many return to work after one week, and some even sooner.

Factors to consider before liposuction

Emotional stability

Emotional stability is the primary factor to be considered before any aesthetic surgery is performed. A "new body" does not guarantee a new life or an end to all personal problems. It is mostly the mental attitude of the individual that determines a successful outcome. Liposuction can improve you appearance and renew your self-confidence; the rest is entirely up to you.

Liposuction on the Gold Coast

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Liposuction FAQs


A consultation with Dr Flynn is the first step when considering Liposuction. You should frankly discuss your goals and expectations, and Dr Flynn will explain to you whether this operation is right for you. Surgical lipectomy, which involves removal of excess skin, as well as fat, may be advised instead, or in addition to Liposuction. You should always keep in mind that the desired result is improvement, not perfection.


Liposuction can be performed as a Day Case. Twilight sedation is used and the areas needing suction will be anaesthetised. You will be able to go home after the procedure, however you will not be able to drive so you should have some one available to take you home.


Bruising and swelling are common – the bruising usually subsiding in 3 weeks and the swelling in 6-8 weeks. Other complication such as infection and prominent scars are unusual. Slight irregularities such as grooving under the skin may occur and this may be accompanied by looseness of the skin – although the skin does usually contract over a period of time.


Although Dr Flynn will make every effort to keep them as inconspicuous as possible, scars are the inevitable result of any surgery. Because of their small size (usually about 1 cm) scars are not usually significant after liposuction.


Fees vary depending on which area or combinations of areas are treated. Liposuction cost starts from $4950. Dr Flynn will discuss your exact cost during your initial consultation.