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What is photodynamic therapy used for?

Photodynamic therapy or PDT is a treatment that specifically targets the damaged cells in your skin. It uses a combination of a special lotion applied to your skin and a low intensity light system that activates the medication, killing sun damaged cells and skin cancers.

How therapy works?

There are three parts to your PDT treatment: Apply the medication, allow the medication to react with your skin, and allow the skin to react with the light.

The medication is called 5-ALA, or 5- Alpha Levulinic Acid.

Some discomfort may be experienced during the light treatment. Higher levels of discomfort correlate to the degree of sun damage. Typically, discomfort fades quickly after the treatment – sometimes aspirin or paracetamol may be required.

What to expect after photodynamic therapy?

Your skin will feel like a sunburn. The degree of discomfort and redness can vary greatly. A greater reaction to treatment also usually indicates a more dramatic result.

For the first day, cool compresses will help limit discomfort. Moisturisers to hydrate and soothe the skin can be used as necessary. In some cases a second episode of treatment may be required some weeks later.

How much does photodynamic therapy cost?

As all individuals have different skin and conditions prices for photodynamic at The Cosmedic & Skin Clinic vary. To find out more about pricing and details please contact us on (07) 5588 4777.

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