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Thread Lift

A thread lift isn’t exchangeable for a facelift, but it can offer an effective option for those wanting a less invasive method to restore early jowling, drooping brows and facial sagging.

Thread Lift Procedure Time

Dr. John Flynn will complete the procedure in 1-2 hours however, this is dependent on the individual requirements.


Local anaesthesia or a local with twilight anaesthesia are generally used to complete the thread lift procedure.

Thread Lift Side Effects

One possible side effect of a thread lift procedure is some temporary skin bunching or pleating at the thread insertion site. This usually resolves in 1—2 weeks.

Thread Lift Risks

Apart from a small amount of bruising and associated swelling, there are very few potential risks.


Varied results will be seen by each individual patient however, most patients see results lasting around  3—4 years.

Thread Lift Before and Afters

As we get older, our overall facial balance and symmetry changes, along with the texture and quality of our skin. We may slowly begin to notice loose and sagging skin, along with increased volume around the jowls and less suppleness around the cheeks and eyes.

While there are a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures available to counter the signs of facial ageing and restore a youthful appearance, thread lifting is a unique solution that can achieve great results for the right patient.

What is thread lift?

Thread lifting is an in-clinic, minimally invasive procedure designed to elevate the central face and redefine the contours with a shorter downtime compared with facelift surgery, almost immediate results and fewer risks. This procedure is performed by lifting and repositioning the facial tissues to restore a more youthful facial contour. It is particularly effective for brows, cheeks, jowls and occasionally the neck. The threads are re-absorbable, and are designed with directional cogs or barbs, which allows for the lifting effect.

Also known as:Non-surgical face lift, thread lift, thread lifting, face thread lift, mini lift, mini facelift, minimally invasive facelift, thread face lift, contour thread lift, eyebrow thread lift, suture lifts, facial threading face lift
Desired results:Patients who undergo a thread lift desire a lift and reposition of facial tissues to restore a more youthful facial appearance.
Patients visit us from:Most of our patients are from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs. We also see many patients travelling from all over Australia

A combination approach

They can be used alone or in conjunction with a variety of mini-lifts but in each circumstance there are less incisions and less surgery involved than in a traditional lifts. The procedure is relatively quick and can be performed under local anaesthetic but in some cases a light sedation may be helpful in relaxing the patient.

Types of thread lift

There are many different techniques for applying thread lifts. The technique used will depend on the patient’s individual characteristics and requirements.

Safe Lift

A particular type of thread lift involves a special anchoring technique which means a more secure lift. Using a new filament design and innovative technique, SafFe Lift lasts longer. "Secure Anchorage Facial Threads". The results of the SafFe Lift improve over time (3-6 months) as your collagen encapsulates and contracts around each thread causing even further lifting.

Silhouette lift

A silhouette lift is easier to place as they "float" in the facial tissue. This technique is easier to position, cost effective and offers less downtime. However, the silhouette lift is not expected to last as long as the anchored threads.

Best mini face lift doctors

Dr Flynn has pioneered the use of thread lifts in Australia and internationally. He is regularly invited to present at academic events around the world, and conducts thread lift training courses for other surgeons. His personal approach, commitment to natural-looking results and utmost respect for patient wishes has placed him as a leader in this field.

Face Threading Gold Coast

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Thread Lift FAQs


Patients opt to have a thread lift to reduce signs of premature ageing, specifically sagging skin on the face and neck. A thread lift is an excellent non-surgical treatment for both men and women between the ages of 30 –60 years.

You’re a good candidate for a face thread lift if:

  • You suffer from gentle drooping.
  • Your facial collagen deposits are still able to regenerate.
  • The facial changes are not serious enough to warrant a full facelift.

The costs for a thread lift varies, as it dependant on the individual requirements and treatment. Thread lift cost starts from $1980. A consultation with Dr John Flynn at his Gold Coast practice will help determine the exact cost based on a customised treatment plan.


All medical procedures carry some risks as well as potential benefits. There are general surgical risks such as bruising, bleeding, blood clots, infection.

Bruising is common and resolves well, usually in a matter of days. Bleeding at the time of operation is well controlled but sometimes bleeding occurs after the operation and may collect as a haematoma. If a haematoma is large enough it may need to be drained. This is extremely uncommon.

Poor wound healing is troublesome but uncommon. It is usually due to involvement of hair follicles at the insertion sites. There are treatments available to help to manage these problems.

Major complications such as injury to nerves may cause abnormal movement patterns which may not be able to be corrected. This is extremely uncommon but has been reported.

Infection is uncommon but if it occurs it can be serious and so it needs to be treated seriously. All patients are treated with antibiotics to try to prevent infection. Severe infections may cause skin necrosis and loss of tissue which will need to be repaired.

The most common issues are the temporary occurrence of skin bunching, which might take a 1—2 weeks to resolve. Some pain at the anchorage sites of the threads is to be expected but can be easily treated.

Despite the risks, thread lifts, when performed by an experienced practitioner is a very safe procedure and has a high level of patient satisfaction.