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Types of vascular lesions

This condition is divided into 2 categories, distinct vessels and non-distinct vessels.

Distinct Vessels

Distinct vessels often refer to facial telangiectases (broken capillaries), which are usually located on the face, neck and chest.

As well as cherry angiomas (small red to purple lesions). These are commonly located on the trunk and leg veins. More intricate vascular conditions, such as venous lakes, hemangiomas, and pyogenic granuloma are considered distinct vessels.

Non Distinct Vessels

Non distinct vessels include rosacea (a chronic reddening of the mid face), acne rosacea (acute episodes of enema and pustules), port wine stains (vascular birthmarks, ranging in colour from pink to purple), and poikiloderma, (telangiectasia associated with atrophic changes of the skin. Commonly found on the chest and lateral neck, and often caused by sun exposure.

Cutera Excel V Laser technology

With a powerful laser (KTP 532 nm) and 2 laser modes (1064 nm Nd:YAG), the Cutera Excel V system offers the ability to treat a wide range of vascular conditions in a single system. Along with efficient cooling and excellent visibility of the treatment area. Simply put, this modern laser gives you more treatment options.

The Cutera Excel V is a dual wavelength laser system, which can be used with 2 interchangeable hand pieces. The laser provides consistent results in a non-traumatic, safe and effective way. In most cases treatment is performed without anaesthesia.

Treatment process

The light energy emitted by a vascular laser is selectively absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin in your blood. The technology safely heats the blood vessels, until they break down and shrink.

You may briefly feel a warm sensation as the unwanted vessels absorb the laser pulses. As a result, a reduction of the vascular lesion is achieved.

Depending on the treatment area, vascular treatment typically takes a few minutes to half an hour.

How much does vascular treatment cost?

Prices for vascular treatment start from $100. A consultation with Dr John Flynn will help provide an exact cost for your tailored treatment plan.

Vein Removal on the Gold Coast

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