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Thinning Hair

About 80% of men experience major hair thinning by the time they are 50. Certain medications can aid in slowing down hair loss and in some cases even result in some of the hair growing back.

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Prescription medications

PRP injections

There are a range of medications available with a proven record of success. It is important however to have a proper medical consultation to make sure these medications are suitable for you. An alternative is PRP injections. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is derived from your own blood and provides a physiological stimulation to the hair follicles. We will often combine PRP and certain medications for the best result. One key element in all non-surgical approaches to hair thinning is to catch it as early as possible. This is because we need viable hair follicles capable of being stimulated.

If the hair follicles are completely lost, then one has to consider the options of surgical hair grafts.


More commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’; this condition is a source of embarrassment for many men who have them. Surgery, liposuction or a combination of the two may be used to treat enlarged breasts in men, resulting in a more masculine look.

It is important to make a distinction between what is fatty accumulation and what is glandular proliferation in the male breast. It is becoming more commonly recognised in young men as a result of a lot of gym work being very conscious of body shape and appearance, and possibly the use of protein and amino acid stimulants.

Gynaecomastia usually first shows up as a body change in puberty and may persist beyond adolescence. This is just a response to the hormonal changes taking place in the male body at this time of life. Most commonly gynaecomastia will resolve itself in time. But, if not then often some intervention may be required. In certain circumstance an MBS item number is applicable, and some private insurance may also apply.


Upper eyelids tend to droop with age and in some cases can be so dramatic as to affect the visual field. In the lower eyelids puffy bags may begin to form underneath the eye, causing an aged and tired appearance. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can restore a more youthful look to the entire face. An important issue is to make sure that surgery does not feminise the male eye area and brow and appropriate consideration must be paid to this.




As we age, the effects of sun damage, gravity and stress appear more visible on our faces. Facelift surgery offered at our Gold Coast practice in Queensland, is an effective way to tighten the skin and restore that youthful and radiant look. Many patients are fearful of facelift surgery because or the fear of looking overdone or looking different. In our practice, the aesthetic focus is on making someone look ‘natural’ not exaggerated. In every surgery however safety is the prime consideration.


With the continual development and advancement of technology within the cosmetic medicine spectrum, options for rejuvenating the face are becoming more varied and refined. If you suffer from acne scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, birthmarks, capillaries, veins or heavyset wrinkles, fractionated laser resurfacing might be the ideal treatment for you. There is also a range of more gentle lasers which do not give any downtime and a programme of such treatment should give you a nice rejuvenation without the burning.


1 in 20 people are affected by prominent or protruding ears, which can be corrected by a relatively simple otoplasty or ear surgery. The results should leave you with more symmetrical ears that have a more pleasing profile. Surgery is approached from behind the ear near the natural crease and so usually there are no scars visible from the front.

Earlobe Reconstruction

As small as they may be, earlobes play a significant role in the overall facial aesthetic. Cosmetic piercings or stretching, particularly due to heavy ear rings, accidental injury or birth defects are all reasons why patients might desire earlobe reconstruction. This surgery aims to restore the natural shape of your earlobes, returning that symmetry back to your face.

Sexual Enhancement

Using blood-derived growth factors, the Big Shot is able to rejuvenate the penis by increasing circulation. Improvements in the pleasure and sensation have also been reported. This treatment has also been known to increase the size, strength and even straighten your member. Due to the treatment using your own plasma, there is no allergic reaction. Surprisingly it is not as painful as a lot of men fear.

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