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What is nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction is a surgical procedure to decrease the size of the nipples or correct asymmetrical or inverted nipples. It can be performed in both men and women, usually along with other cosmetic corrections such as breast augmentations, breast lift and breast reduction.


Enlarged Nipples

For one reason or another many women experience enlarged nipples some time in their lives. There can be several causes for this, and in almost every instance it is perfectly normal. Women go through many body changes in their lives, starting at puberty and continuing throughout their lives. This can cause embarrassment and can be considered unattractive. Nipple reduction surgery is usually a straight forward procedure, to return the nipples to a more proportionate size and appearance to complement your breasts, with minimal risk or scars.

Asymmetrical Nipples

Many of us have breasts that are slightly different from each other; the same is true of our whole bodies. A little difference between the left side and the right side is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. However in some cases they can be drastically different in size. Women who have uneven nipples may feel self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, there are surgical procedures which can help to correct uneven nipples. These procedures can be performed to relocate one or both of the nipples or to change the size and the shape of the nipple and areola. Typically, there is a short recovery period following the surgery but most women report a remarked sense of relief and a boost in self-confidence once they have fully healed from the procedure.

Inverted Nipples

Many patients are born with inverted nipples and are seen in younger girls as the breasts develop. This can be embarrassing and cause concerns with the appearance of the breasts, and if severe, may cause problems with breast feeding. Nipple inversion can usually be corrected with a fairly simple surgical procedure, with minimal scars.

Protruding Nipples

Most women's breasts have nipples that stick out (protrude) slightly at rest and become erect when stimulated, as with cold. During pregnancy, the nipple and the pigmented area around it (areola) thicken in preparation for breastfeeding. Little glands (Montgomery glands) on the areola become more noticeable. They contain a lubricant to keep the nipple and areola from drying, cracking, or becoming infected. After pregnancy the nipples may not go back to their normal size naturally. Nipple reduction surgery is usually a simple procedure, to return the nipples to a more proportionate size and appearance to complement your breasts, with minimal risk or scars.

How is nipple reduction performed?

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anaesthesia. Dr John Flynn will make several small incisions and removes excess nipple tissue. To reduce a protruding nipple, the skin from around the nipple base is removed and securing the tip with stitches.

How much does nipple reduction cost?

The cost for a nipple reduction or nipple correction starts from $4235. This is price is a guide and may vary from patient to patient. The exact cost for nipple surgery will be address during your initial consultation with Dr John Flynn.

Nipple Reduction on the Gold Coast

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