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What is stem cell therapy used for?

The most common application has been in degenerative knee joints and animal studies and the limited human trials conducted show a remarkable potential for pain relief and return to mobility. Stem cells however, do not replace the need for joint surgery and they do not correct for instability and so they need to be utilised in conjunction with orthopaedic supervision and a good physio rehabilitation programme. stem cell therapy therefore is an adjunctive management option.

Is stem cell therapy safe?

Most stem cell therapy using adult stem cells is considered safe because the stem cells are collected from the patient, minimizing the risk of an unwanted reaction.

Stem cell research

In collaboration with Australia's foremost stem cell scientist Prof. Richard Boyd of Monash University, The Southport Day Hospital (SDH) has established a stem cell laboratory to harvest, cultivate and deliver stem cells in a variety of medical indications. Musculoskeletal applications are foremost in this realm and SDH will make available opportunities for doctors to treat their patients with this revolutionary new technology. This laboratory and their protocols will be fully accredited with the TGA.

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How much does stem cell therapy cost in Australia?

Stem cell therapy treatments start at $9960 however, as all individuals have different skin types and conditions, prices vary. To find out more about pricing and details please contact us on (07)5588 4777.

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