As the weather cools down and we start to rug up a little more, those treatments you were considering in summer-time might be starting to slip your mind. Many people are more interested in getting cosmetic treatments in the warmer months where we’re often socialising, swimming and attending events. But did you know that there are some procedures that are best done in the winter to maximise their results?

We’ve listed our three top winter procedures below.

Laser Treatments

Wanting to say goodbye to pigmentation and hello to a smooth, even skin tone? Laser treatment technology can do amazing things for pigmentation, as well as other skin concerns such as rosacea. Fractional laser treatments use advanced micro laser restoration technology to treat skin flaws such as wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, melasma and pigmentation. By treating one area at a time the skin can heal much faster and uses the body’s natural healing process to create healthy tissue to replace imperfections.

Winter is one of the best times to do laser treatments, particularly for pigmentation, as it’s much easier to stay out of the sun. Sun exposure can cause pigmentation to re-appear, so keeping yourself in the shade is a must to get the best results possible!


Cooltech is another non-surgical option best suited to the winter months. Cooltech uses the latest fat freezing technology to remove stubborn pockets of fat. Unlike other non-surgical treatments, Cooltech actually removes the fat cells so that they do not grow back. It works using ‘cryolipolysis’, a process where computer generated software freezes the cells to below -11 degrees. In the weeks following treatment, the body’s immune response sends out scavenger cells to consume the broken down fat cells.

While some early results can be seen after four weeks, the full effect will be apparent around 14 weeks after your treatment. This is why we recommend planning ahead for this treatment, so that if you have your treatment in winter, you’ll experience your desired results come spring!

Skin Check

After a long, hot summer – make sure you have your skin checked for sun damage and stay on top of your skin health. If you need to have something removed or treated, winter is a more comfortable time as you can choose to cover up most areas.

We have two doctors available at Cosmedic & Skin Clinic to help with your skin check needs, and in many cases these appointments attract rebates from Medicare. Your skin is your body’s largest organ – it’s worth taking care of!

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, give the clinic a call today on 07 5588 4777 or get in touch online.