So you’ve decided to explore cosmetic surgery and maybe you’ve read a bit online about the procedure you’re interested in. Now comes the next big decision – how should you choose who to book a consultation with?

Remember, you can have as many consultations as you like before committing to a procedure, so you don’t have to choose a surgeon before you’ve met them in person. You can also have consultations with different surgeons to get a second opinion and make an informed choice.

Having met so many patients coming in for their first consultations, we’ve put together a guide of some factors we think you should consider when looking for a cosmetic surgeon.


When doing your initial research, ensure your chosen cosmetic surgeon is appropriately qualified and accredited by a governing body. The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery is committed to raising the standards in the cosmetic industry and protecting patients, and has a comprehensive and searchable list of their Fellows sorted by the procedure the patient is looking for.

Their website states: Fellows of the College are medical doctors who have completed post-graduate education and training and demonstrated competency specifically in cosmetic medicine and surgery. To become an ACCS Fellow, doctors must typically complete a minimum of 12 years of medical and surgical education and training.

Dr Flynn is proud to be a Fellow of the ACCS, among other accreditations accumulated throughout his extensive career.


It’s important that you feel comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon and can build trust over the course of your consultations. Remember that you’re ‘interviewing’ them and not the other way around, so there’s no need to be nervous!

It’s important to be honest and open with your cosmetic surgeon, and they should provide you with a safe space to discuss your concerns and hopes for your surgery.

Expectation Management

One of the most important aspects of the consultation phase is managing expectations and getting on the same page about what is achievable. A good cosmetic surgeon will explain to you exactly what is achievable from your surgery based on your body type and a range of other factors. They can show you some before and after photos and answer any questions you might have.

While it might be nice to be told you can do anything, it’s far more important to have a realistic idea of what the outcome of your surgery will look like. Your cosmetic surgeon should also run through the less fun aspects like recovery time and potential complications to ensure you’re able to make a decision you’re comfortable with. They should also give you the space to make this decision, rather than putting any pressure on you.

We hope you’ve found this little guide helpful, and if you would like a consultation with Dr Flynn, we look forward to welcoming you into the clinic.

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